Monthly Archive: September 2005


Tom DeLay the horned one?

Tom DeLay the horned one uploaded by flickrite urbanbohemian. My co-worker peeks around the corner and says “you have to see this!” – The Washington Post’s webpage must have been in mid-update and got the caption to a photo very...


tiny minds and color lines

Since I posted a funny, now it’s time for something disturbing. Jenifer pointed out this headline to me today: Bennett Under Fire for Remark on Crime and Black Abortions, here’s the Post story and the CNN story. [William J.] Bennett,...



Today’s Penny Arcade goes out to all those lonely horny MMORPG players wookin pa nub (or nookie) online.


I need a laugh

Being sick is the absolute pits. Mm, as I typed that one ear found enough pressure release and popped, leaving me only partially impaired as far as hearing goes, nice. Please leave me a comment with something funny, interesting, amusing,...


It’s called a shaved monkey

The New Yorker: Intelligent Design by Paul Rudnick Very amusing, and copied and pasted below in case the link goes down.


still sick

I realize what I thought was feeling better was DayQuil induced euphoria, so I’ll be leaving work soon and taking a nap at home most likely. And then perhaps take out tonight, mmm! Phrase of the day that makes me...


oh yeah, a bit of good news

The date, I guess I call it a date now, I had on Friday went pretty well, actually. I was nervous since I don’t normally do the blind date thing. Not out of any personal preferences against it, I just...


cultural Disneyland

Crime Tears at Seams Of Vibrant Community Residents Ponder Trade-Offs of Life in Mt. Pleasant Gregg Edwards, an advisory neighborhood commissioner who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years, said the newcomers “say they want to live...


look at my fanny, look at my fanny

NyQuil can give you some very strange dreams. And my subconscious is really enjoying the “house party” theme, it seems. Last night it was a big party for my birthday with a bunch of people I knew and even more...