best laid plans

I’m fairly sure I said a while ago that I was going to try to have some more quiet weekends, that hasn’t yet materialized, but I will certainly enjoy being busy while it lasts!

Shopping with Moose on Sunday was fun but a few retail annoyances made it not the most fun time in the world, inept sales clerks (when it came time to use the cash register), disgruntled cafe servers (I’m not sure what that was, but it bore no resemblance to iced tea) and a store’s system saying things are in stock when they clearly aren’t (one assumes that if an item is purchased, the store’s inventory search would update fairly quickly?). Still I managed to get a few nice things at Hechts and picked up Cherie Priest’s book which I’m barely into and already enjoying.

As much fun as the events of the weekend were, what I enjoyed (and missed) the most was the conversation. Whether the background noise was walking around Harpers Ferry, or tossing back drinks and pizza, or browsing and trying on clothes.. it was nice to just talk to my friends, because after a while you get out all the superficial chatter and really talk to each other. It was good to have sounding boards for some stuff that’s been on my mind that isn’t the sort of topic that gets brought up in IMs or e-mails.

I will be trying not to overbook myself too much in the coming weeks. I would like to use November to fully develop the supper club idea, Thanksgiving has been planned, and I’m not sure yet if this Hallows’ Eve will be more religious or social or a healthy mix of both.

Bowling tonight, we’ve been improving, just not facing the teams we can beat. 🙂

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