Daily Archive: October 4, 2005


force of personality

From the Washington Post, The Tiger Strikes Again. I really want this collection, though the price tag gives me serious pause. I’m also impressed that the writer didn’t make any mention of the rumors surrounding the strip Frazz considering the...



WWJB uploaded by flickrite urbanbohemian. Ok, some internet generator sites can be a lot of fun. This one even lets you buy the ribbons you create. I could have fun with these all day but then after a while memes...


Baking Watch 2005

I found my sweet potato cheesecake recipe! *evil chuckle*


new moon on monday

Sadly, the new moon didn’t help my bowling at all, my average continues to drop, but only by a point this week. Somehow Rob forgot it was bowling night so it was just Jenifer and I up against another team...