It’s a living

Well the weekend passed without too much incident. Went out to Badlands on Friday with Shawn and did the drinkin’ singin’ thing. Saturday saw me making cookies for our picnic movie, Grease, on the NIH lawn. And that was a LOT of fun. The sound wasn’t all that spiffy, but having seen the movie so many times, it hardly mattered.

I now think I understand what being too tired to fuck means.

Sunday was fairly normal, went for a little shopping, played around at home and did laundry. I moved the bed so neither side is stuck against the wall, I just have to arrange the rest of the room so it doesn’t look so out of place. Work is work, it stinks, and this place gets more and more restrictive every day. I’m tired of having to deal with the political battles of other people (and the incompetence). For instance, our old gov’t boss called me FROM HOME this week and tasked me with a small project. Not to get too much into it, but the rules say she can’t do that anymore, period. Yet she laughs and smiles as if the rules don’t apply to her, like she’s some kind of diva. Well I think it’s being discovered that she doesn’t really know anything and she’s trying to cover her ass. But, ’tis a living…

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