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I recall once after a break up, talking to about whether or not I loved the person and she had some good advice (hell that conversation may be somewhere in this journal) and the following article is a good personal gauge to see where one’s thoughts are. I wouldn’t treat it like a Cosmo quiz or anything, but sometimes we’re looking for blatant signals from someone about how they feel and the most telling ones are pretty subtle.

He Loves Me … He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me … He Loves Me Not
by Chuck Winston, 365Gay.com Love & Sexuality Writer

Pulling the petals off a flower always seemed a dubious yet slightly whimsical way to determine if he truly loved the one he was with.

We’ve taken the idea and expanded on it a bit. See how many of which petals below apply to your situation to determine his TRUE feelings! It may be an eye-opener.

He loves me … He is interested in my life

He wants to know how things are going at work, he encourages me to take the promotion even though it means longer hours and less time with him for a while. He always asks about my pets. He keeps up with my class schedule.

He makes tentative dates … He loves me not

He makes open ended plans and then changes or cancels them if he gets a last minute invite from one of his buddies.

He loves me … He shares my favorite pastimes

He attends various functions with me happily, even if he hates hates it, because it’s something I want to do.

When I’m sick, he vanishes … He loves me not

The fact that I’VE spent Saturday afternoon taking his dog to the vet because HE’S down with something escapes him. When we talk about fair play, he’s talking about stuff I hate.

He loves me … He calls me frequently

Sometimes it’s to check on me. Sometimes it’s to chat about our work, our friends, our lives, or world events. Sometimes it’s just to say “Hi. I miss you.” But he always calls to let me know he’s thinking of me.

He ignores the future … He loves me not

He never mentions the future beyond our next date. And when I mention a future together, he usually begins to stutter. Could it be that I don’t figure in his plans for the future?!

He loves me … He brags about me to his family & friends

His family and friends are always mentioning something wonderful he had to say about me, my job, my accomplishments, my talents, my friendship.

He says he wants me all for himself … He loves me not

He’s keeping our relationship a secret. He didn’t take me to the company Christmas party. We don’t spend any time with his friends. I haven’t even met his family (and I suspect they don’t even know I exist).

He loves me … He tries to be nice to my family & friends

He may not like them one bit but he is willing to be nice to my family and friends simply because he wants to keep the peace and, of course, he wants to please me. (He really is a doll!!)

Life with him is a roller coaster … He loves me not

I never know whether he’ll surprise me at my door with pink champagne and white roses or cancel a date at the last minute for no good reason.

He loves me … He never stops romancing me

His schedule is really busy but he always makes time for “us”. If I had a hard week, he will cancel his plans and spend the time giving me a relaxing evening and a long backrub. He occasionally gives me a present or card to remind me that I’m special to him.

He’s still putting notches in his headboard … He loves me not

He wants to continue sowing his wild oats. What am I doing with this jerk? Am I completely stupid?!

He loves me … He says so, in so many ways

His every thought and action says how much he loves me, but best of all, he tells me often just so there is no doubt!

Yeah, it makes me want to puke too, but it’s a good article. I can see where perhaps ex’s that I thought I was in love with or that I believe when they said they loved me, it might not really have been the case, but that’s in the past.

I’ve been really bummed out about my single-hood lately. I love my friends and I’m happy that they’re dating well and finding happiness (and yes I’m even happy for the ones that realize it’s healthier to end things than continue) but my tolerance for “oh the trials of a successful love life” stories is getting pretty full up, but I won’t go so far as to get a Wrap It Up! box or anything. 😉

I feel that Oya Yansa, the West African goddess of change – among other things, has really been having her way with me this season. Why couldn’t I feel the aspect of a plain ol’ home and hearth spirit? I’ve been unable to settle on anything in my head. The wind blows and I want something else, or I want to do something else. I have a running list of pursuits that I invest a little energy in and then I’m off to the next thing, it makes me a little tempestuous too. I’m generally not that quick-tempered, but there are times I’ve felt like a time bomb lately and it takes a bit of energy to keep it reined in.

I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend, I haven’t a lot of money so it’ll be nice to enjoy the things that are already paid for.. Netflix, CoH/CoV, Civ IV – and to get some tidying done around the house. Plus I have to find recipes for Thanksgiving.

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