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I love looking at my web stats, just to see where in the world people are surfing from, what search engines are pinging my site and to see how many .gov and .mil domains are visiting, just for kicks. One thing that fascinates me are the search terms that bring people to my site, so far this month:

# reqs search term
2 urban bohemian
1 city of villains recipe
1 quizno’s nutrition information
1 detachable penis song preview
1 funny penis pictures
1 bohemian zen
1 sfgate
1 detachable penis
1 most bohemian cities
1 download charmed episodes
1 teen titans sex cartoons
1 trainer for civ iv
1 brian gray
1 download battlestar galactica season 2 finale
1 bohemian boys clothes
1 bohemian singles date site
1 teen titans sex
1 bohemian pants
1 sweeties
1 promotion for urban games
1 teen titans pictures
1 overheard
1 detachable penis song
1 teen titans porn
1 chipotle
1 hack gaydar password
1 bohemian
1 bohemian urban
1 urban jeans for less
1 teen titans porn free
1 chipotle civilization 4
1 where can i buy jeans in madonna’s hung up video

The last entry makes me chuckle a bit, the ones with “teen titans sex” just disturb me, thankfully the number of hits are low. I can’t imagine anyone coming to my site for reference.

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