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11-08-05_0847.jpg Part of an ad: For incredible entertainment experiences in your lap, get Intel Centrino in your laptop. The full picture shows John Cleese sitting on a commuter’s lap drinking tea, while the commuter looks on, quite satisfied.

The tagline is enough, but the look on the commuter’s face pretty much seals it for me. See all the ads here.

In other news, my services are slowly being reconnected. It’ll be nice to return to the world of the living, but it made for a very peaceful evening at home last night, a little TiVo, a little reading and an early bedtime felt good. I’ll have to try that more often even with functioning internet.

I got a copy of Microsoft Money 2006 and it is SO humbling. It’s like having my mom back from the college days when I was on an allowance and would hit the ATM like once a day (the bitches dispensed 5 dollar bills! evil!) and she’d always ask me where all my money went. But it’s a very good program from what I’ve used so far and I will try very hard to whip myself into shape. Not that I really believe a home purchase in the District is in my future, but it’d be nice to be sitting atop some savings should the occasion arise.

Does anyone out there know anything about Roth IRAs?

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2 Responses

  1. vanderwal says:

    Reconnecting services? What evil fell upon you? Not being serviced not a good state to be in.

  2. Brian says:

    Brian = bad with money sometimes.. unlucky at others. 🙂

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