You’re gonna make it after all…

I was walking back from Atrium cafe down the road — the best local deli we have, meat sliced fresh right in front of you and placed in heaping piles on your sandwich — and I was having one of those moments where you think you’re ok and suddenly realize that you’re not.

When I got back near the building, there was a huge truck/suv type thing parked on the street with a custom license plate reading BOSSL8D. I’m trying to figure it out, “Boss Lated? Bo’s Slated? Boss Late, D?” Finally it hit me, Boss Lady and I laughed, a lot. Much more than I should have considering that it wasn’t really that funny, but I guess I just needed something to make me smile and that worked.

Seriously though, wouldn’t BOSSLDY have worked better?

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  1. Danno says:

    I think I need about 4 times the price of my car to get my personalised plate – D4NNO. Ouch!

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