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9AM They’re At It Again | Overheard in the Office

Co-worker #1: Don’t you think the enter key is kind of phallic? You know–how it’s all “enter” with an arrow pointing?
Co-worker #2: Huh. Yeah. Weird.
Co-worker #1: And there’s the backspace button too. Arrow points the same way.
Co-worker #2: Yeah, maybe that’s so gay people don’t feel left out?

This site usually gives me at least one good chuckle a day.

This morning is a very frustrating one. I’ve been in a very dark mood since yesterday afternoon and there are a lot of high priority projects floating around the office, so basically everyone should be busy and hard at work. But for the past 15-20 mins or so, some co-workers have been deep in conversation. This has moved from babies, to getting one’s husband to drink tea, to the merits of Equal vs Splenda, and it’s still going.

At one of my more rude times I’ve told a co-worker, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got work to do, and I know you’ve got work to do as I assigned it to you.” But with these employees, it’s like scolding a child, in one ear & out the other.

And while I never say this out loud in the office, these co-workers are the same race as me and maybe it’s my father’s voice from my past, but the phrase “That’s just what they already expect of you.” keeps running through my mind. Though I’m mostly frustrated because the more they chatter away, the less work is getting done which just causes problems for everyone in the end.

Now they’re talking about fried chicken… I’m just gonna leave that be.

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