A Merry Prankster around the office?

Dude, Where's My Computer?

I spotted this on a trip to the other pantry yesterday. Apparently the one on my side of the floor had so many coffee makers in it drawing power that the microwave kept blowing its fuse every time someone tried to use it. So I’m going over to warm up my muffin and I saw this sitting on a desk. There was no snarky note, no apparent explanation, just a faux computer on the desk.

I can’t tell if this is a sign that someone around here has finally snapped, or is just enjoying themselves far too much. We were recently asked our thoughts on morale around here. If we were able to have fun like this every now and then, I’m sure morale wouldn’t be that much of a concern. 🙂

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1 Response

  1. Ben says:

    Someone stole a computer and placed this clever decoy here so that nobody would notice.

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