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From the website of DC Council Member Jack Evans (Ward 2):

The Congressional review period has ended for DC’s smoking ban legislation. This means, as of Monday, April 3, smoking will be prohibited in all public places of employment and enclosed public spaces except clubs, nightclubs, taverns, brew pubs and restaurant bars.

The legislation, which the DC Council passed on January 4, authorizes the Department of Health to inspect all places of employment and enclosed public places to ensure smoking is prohibited. Fines will be levied on an establishment if found to be in violation.

Several establishments will not be affected by the April 4 date, but have until January 1, 2007 to come into compliance. Those include clubs, nightclubs, taverns, brewpubs, and restaurant bars. After the 2007 date, the only establishments where smoking will be allowed are cigar bars, hookah cafes, restaurants, taverns, brew pubs and similar establishments where at least 10% of business is generated by over-the-counter tobacco sales.

So, if you are an occasional or habitual smoker, this is the last weekend in DC to enjoy a smoke while dining.

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