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Red Cross calls for end to ban on gay blood donors:

Officials from the American Red Cross, speaking at a recent blood donation conference in Maryland, called for an end to the federal government’s ban on gay and bisexual blood donors, the Washington Blade reports. A Food and Drug Administration policy in place since 1985 bans donations from any man who’s ever had sex with another man–even one time–since 1977. Even gay men who’ve tested negative for HIV antibodies and those who are in monogamous relationships are barred for life from donating blood. Government officials, when launching the ban, said it was needed to guarantee the safety of donated blood in the country since gay men were significantly more likely to be infected with HIV than heterosexual men.

But the Red Cross is now joining with the American Association of Blood Banks and America’s Blood Centers in calling for an end to the lifetime ban on gay donors.

Washington Blade: FDA meeting revisits ban on gay blood donors

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