I do write nice letters sometimes, I swear!

061306 Express

I wrote this last Friday, and I was thinking they’d just skip over it if they didn’t print it on Monday. Additionally, I was wondering, since it was a letter directed at them and not any other readers’ letters if they would respond to me. They didn’t. My full e-mail to them below, it didn’t get hacked up too terribly and only lightly edited. Oddly enough, the last time I wrote a letter, I got an e-mail asking me to call them and confirm that I actually sent it, this time nada. I wonder if they’ve got me on a list. My media coverage continues! sticking out tongue

Marriage but not Pride?

I was just re-reading over the WeekendPass from the June 8 express and looking at the June 9 issue and there’s nothing mentioned about Capital Pride, DC’s Gay Pride celebration, with a parade and street festival this weekend as well as events that have been going on all week. I see that the “controversial” issue of gay marriage was enough to merit a poll from express, but not so for a potentially more fun and LOCAL story about the upcoming Pride events. I’m sure there may be room for a tiny blurb and colorful photo in express on Monday, after everything’s already over, right?


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