‘Gay is here to stay.’

CNN.com – Entertainment – Gay issues, characters, join prime time – October 16, 2000

Oddly enough, I don’t really care. What they call “gay issues” are generally stereotypes that you hear about, or maybe happened to a friend of a friend of a friend, but to be honest, most gays and lesbians don’t want to see themselves on TV. They want to see little cute and pretty ideals of what they’d like their lives to be. Will and Grace doesn’t bother them that Will seems completely unable to maintain a relationship, because that Jack’s just (or is that Just Jack) so nutty!

Just recently Shawn told me of a friend that bought Showtime just to see Queer As Folk. This is the network that was advertising the show at the pride events with fans that had the words ‘hung’, ‘disco whore’ and ‘instiable’ in big bold letters. All hail the first signs of the Gay Apocalypse, when people buy a cable station to see ONE show, and mainly for the prospect of seeing a little softcore porn, on a show that’s not really any better than any other gay movies that we manage to produce.

Hmm, do I sound angry yet? I’m not really bitter young thing, except that in a few months or a year we as a community will get together and say how we aren’t represented appropriately in the media and entertainment industries, yet we wouldn’t dare raise a voice to have these sad unrepresentative shows cancelled. (Gods no, then what would I talk about with my friends?!)

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