Hunter becomes the hunted

Well the workshop wasn’t all that bad, actually one of the presenters was downright gorgeous. Wedding band, of course, but still it made for a nice distraction as most of the information was very easy to take in and some of it I already knew. The other presenter kept using the word “basically” which grates on my nerves even more than “um, uh..” which is at least more natural.

I need to go jewelry shopping sometime soon, I believe I took my ring off to wash my hands at the office and left it in the bathroom, but it wasn’t sized very well and was prone to slipping off anyway, so it’s not a big loss as it was a simple ring and kinda cheap hence easily replaced. But I’m also in the mood for a new necklace, and maybe a bracelet, I dunno. I guess it’s time for a trip to Dupont.

I have a date tonight, he’s been pretty aggressive in wanting to talk with and meet me, something I’m not really used to. I’m looking forward to it, though it does mean I’ll miss out on drinks with friends in the wilds of the suburbs. From our conversations, he seems like a nice bloke so it’ll be nice to place a face and body to the voice.

My exercise bike kicked my ass last night, I’m glad that my new gloves have a little terrycloth bit over the thumb to make it easier to wipe my brow, I’m also glad that I placed a towel on the floor under the bike as I was sweating profusely! Bless TiVo though for giving me an easy way to measure a 30 min ride. Still, if I plan to have any desire to remove my shirt at the beach later this summer, I better stick to it. The weight has been shooting upwards lately and it’s not making me all that happy, especially since my cooking bug has returned, so I need do to something to balance that out. I don’t have any plans for the 4th and I’m already thinking about doing a grand feast that day, well grand on a small scale because I can only handle leftovers for a few days before I go a bit crazy.

And I’m still so very bitter that we don’t get Monday off…

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