off our backs…

The good…

Government ought to be kept off our backs, out of our pocketbooks and out of our bedrooms.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) quoting the late Sen. Barry Goldwater

And the “duh”…

Another Republican, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, said that he would support the amendment, and that he was disturbed that some critics of it said the measure amounted to bigotry against one group in society.

“What people are trying to do here is make fundamental policy for the country on a fundamental issue, and that’s marriage,” he said. “It is not bigotry to define marriage as between a man and a woman.”

If that were the case, Mr. Brownback said, then people would have to conclude that people in the states that have banned gay marriage, as well as the many religious leaders who backed them, were bigots.

“They’re not bigoted individuals,” he said. “They’re simply seeking good public policy. Let’s watch our language here.”

Yes let’s watch our language.. bigots really hate to be called bigots to their face and we wouldn’t want to make them feel bad or slighted against, now would we?

Excerpts from Bush Backs Gay Marriage Ban as Senate Debates | New York Times

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