Catching up

I’m a little behind on “life posts” – the past weekend was great fun seeing Da Vinci Code and taking out for a grand birthday dinner at Fogo de Chao where I had a drink that I’d been missing for a LONG time. Capirinhas! Made with a Brazilian rum – cachaca, muddled limes and sugar (for best flavor use Turbinado sugar “in the raw”). Sweet & tangy, the rum is made from sugar cane juice as well, so it’s a unique flavor and to be quite frank, they will fuck you up. But in that good, here’s my number, I’ll call you for coffee tomorrow, kinda way. The call for coffee likely coming in the form of a massive hangover, but you’ve still got a smile on your face.

Unfortunately, while Fogo de Chao is well versed in them, the ‘tenders at Halo are NOT. We were there last night for a pair of post-work unwinding drinks. They got the rum and limes right, but they use white granulated sugar which gives it a very different taste. The bartender said, “Our customers complained it was too sweet” to which I responded, “It’s supposed to be!” Pussies.

I’m headed there again tomorrow to meet someone, more or less a set up. A moment ago while IMing, I told that my mouth had just had a drinkmonition, it could already taste the cosmopolitans I planned to order tomorrow night. It was decided this new word must go into the journal, which is really the whole point of this entry, but I hate meaningless build-ups. 😉

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