I’m ready for my morphine now…

Ouch. Somewhere between the neck and shoulder blade.. big pain, feels like I pulled or twisted something, but I’ve just been sitting here at my desk doing my usual coding, filing and surfing.

I’m so glad it’s Friday, but this week has overall felt like a bust, the things I really would have liked to do, didn’t happen, and the things I did, don’t really feel as though they amount to much. More than anything right now, I wish I had a houseboy. I still want to make a chicken tonight, but the way I feel, going to the store and carrying the things I need back home might just end up being more of a pain than I’d like it to be. If I just had a domestic, I could have left him a list and known it would all be there when I get home. As a more achievable goal, I’d love to go for happy hour, but that isn’t like to happen either. Maybe I can just pick up some ice on the way home, use some of it for me and some to shake cocktails.

I need to go shopping this weekend, due to FedEx fiascos, I still don’t have a swimsuit for the beach, and seeing if I can find some good sales on end of summer clothes would be nice. Aside from a possible dinner on Sat, nothing else is in the works. I think I’ve mentioned possible stuff to do with people, but it’s like sonar, if you don’t hear feedback on the ideas, you tend to assume it died in committee, as they might say on the Hill.


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