comics: Gay Marriage? Oh Noes!!

Another fun strip from Sinfest: Your Corporate Masters.

I find it a little funny that New England seems up to speed on this while California, a place most associate as being our country’s own little version of Hell on Earth is really falling behind. What’s next, Nevada outlawing gaming while Maryland trucks in the slot machines?

I will no longer deny that I am hooked on the mermaid’s bean–I bought the Starbucks Gold Card. However between the free drink it gets me, consolidating some past gift card balances and the 10% on most every purchase, I’m tracking how long it actually takes to pay for itself. A co-worker’s said she’s been getting free drinks from it with online surveys as well, so the initial shakedown period might not bring that many complaints from customers. We’ll see how it goes when that $25 annual fee hits a year from now. I like that the card works like a loyalty card first and a Starbucks card second, you don’t have to load it with funds, it’s just easier that way. But you can pay for your purchase using any method you like, even that archaic paper stuff. If my regular weekday morning habit continues, it shouldn’t take that long to recoup my money via discounts.

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2 Responses

  1. Lolypup says:

    Actually Maryland will indeed be trucking in the slot machines. The gambling proposition on their ballot passed. So you will soon be able to gamble in Maryland.

    However, while you still cant get married in CA you may soon very well be able to hire LEGAL prostitutes in San Francisco…

  2. Lori says:

    One of the greatest decisions of my life was weaning myself off Starbucks, buying a decent coffee maker, investing in a bag of Seattle’s Best, and just making the coffee myself. The money being saved is a wonderful thing, let alone the life saved not sitting and idling in the drive-through.

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