Is this a joke?

Keeping up with Fredo over at Grapefeed, I found a link to the following press release at PR Web: SCI FI Channel to Change Name to SurgeTV. It’s not uncommon for networks to change their name while making a gradual shift in programming, but the following paragraph has me wondering if this is a joke:

SurgeTV hopes to tap into the newfound audience of science fiction wrestling fans, by promoting cross-over programming, including Eureka’s Colin Ferguson’s guest appearance in the ECW ring, and Season 2 of Stan Lee’s Who Wants To Be A Superhero to include ring matches between competitors. Saucier, racier stories will be aired after the midnight hour, and in a change for the popular channel, may include R-rated material.

Science fiction wrestling fans? Did their wires get crossed and someone ran a story from The Onion as a press release? Anyone else got any information on this? — Hm, checking my GLBT sci fi mailing list, someone with a connection to Sci Fi Channel says it’s not true. Still, what the–?

Edit: It looks like the release has vanished from the site. Anyone get a cached copy of it? True or not, it was both horrifying and amusing.

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