Or apparently Gfail, as it’s being called. My mail seems ok now, though I woke up to a few twitter messages saying it was down. As with most things, it will pass, but all those tech news reporters were probably thrilled that they had an automatic story today, no need to come up with one of their own. Favorite headlines:

Gmail logo, still marked as a beta application.

When I tried to access regular gmail a second ago, I got this “Sorry!” page. The version of gmail on my own server didn’t seem to go kaplooey, and accessing it via IMAP from home or my iPhone was fine too. I guess it’s things like this that remind people Gmail is still in beta.

And while some of the news stories would love to point out the tech addiction with services like this and social networking, they need to lighten up. However, so do people who rant and rave when these services are unavailable while conveniently forgetting that they haven’t paid a penny for them. Except for LiveJournal, some of those people do pay for the service and are therefore allowed to whine. I understand how important those extra 30 userpics are to you. 😈

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3 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    GMail fails all the time. Given that, I’m at a loss to explain why I use it at all, especially for my primary e-mail address.

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  2. Kyle says:

    I’m old enough that when I don’t have internet, I can usually find something to keep me happy (unless I’m at the office – but that’s another story :mrgreen: ). But if the cable goes out, I freak, which is really sad since I have several shelves of unread books. Sometimes I wonder if I’d rather have cable than A/C.

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  3. Jack says:

    Gmail has been in beta for YEARS. They keep it that way because it’s a great catch-all excuse for not putting money into development for the tool, and any glitch or outage that comes along, they just squeal, ‘Hey, we’re in beta! You can’t expect that from us!’

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