not how I’d like to start my morning

Crunch! I’m hoping this isn’t some kind of omen for the day. While I was still dealing with my carefully crafted system of alarms and snoozes, I heard a lot of sirens going off outside — though I thought they were part of my dream which included Jake Gyllenhall, but not in a sex-dream kinda way. The noise had pretty much stopped by the time I got up and moving, so I didn’t think any more of it, it’s pretty common along 16th St. Well when I headed out to hit the metro, there were fire, police, ambulance and some very agitated WMATA workers with clipboards. The Post has the story, apparently someone ran a red light, the first bus slammed on the brakes and the second one wasn’t able to brake in time. They’re only reporting injuries, so hopefully it wasn’t too severe.

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