Daily Archive: September 21, 2006


Friend-Land! The most pathetic place on earth!

Because my brain won’t stop multitasking today, I came across the following in an entry at Planet Pat: Many guys, myself included, find this aggravating because you are now instantly in “friend-land” — it’s this mystical place where guys hold...


Bakers… start your ovens!

Dave at Soliloqueer says, “I consider it to be fall on the first day you can go outside and your breath fogs up in front of your face.” We’ve had the breath-foggy mornings for a few days now, and I...


seduced by a techno beat and a little back fat

I’m a little late getting this one online, but I’ve been busy! First off, I know I left the house late, how the heck did I get to work at 7.30a!? Anyway, around the office earlier this week the team...