Monthly Archive: August 2006


ok, ok…

I know I’ll stop getting online, but I saw dolphins this morning! The pool sounds good, a walk sounds good, an iced coffee in the afternoon sounds good too. Later!


Day Trip!

Still here, still loving it and still getting up early, but at least today I actually FEEL like I’m on vacation. Monday morning and not racing out of bed to get dressed and to work… *sigh* Yesterday we headed into...


Respect the surf

We’re here, it’s way to freaking early for me to be up, but strange bed + Sunday + vacation = up at 6 and unable to go back to sleep. Plus I was having a really weird dream and I...


i’m outta here

Well I’m off to the beach tomorrow, not sure if I’ll have internet access but I’m lugging the laptop along just in case. Cell still works for text messages, otherwise I’ll see y’all when I return next week!


Well, ok then.

Why don’t you just tell me what happened, from the beginning? Well ok, yesterday about 4pm, I was at work y’see, anyway around 4, I get a call from him on my cell phone. He’d been sick the previous week...


Morning ups and downs

Save Pluto! The Worth1000 contest, some funny stuff. Blogger Raed Jarrar writes of an unbelievable incident — well maybe not so much now, when he was flying out of JFK to California. On a trip back from the Middle East,...


Is this a joke?

Keeping up with Fredo over at Grapefeed, I found a link to the following press release at PR Web: SCI FI Channel to Change Name to SurgeTV. It’s not uncommon for networks to change their name while making a gradual...


just my size

Woo hoo! The swim trunks arrived, after a slight fiasco, and more importantly they fit and look good! Last year’s shorter and square cut trunks still fit, but my healthy rump & belly tends to make them look… not so...


Please, be honest

You packed it, own up to it! — Sex Toy In Luggage Gets Man In Trouble [worksafe] Mardin Azad Amin found himself in a tight squeeze last week when security at O’Hare Airport discovered a suspicious-looking object in his luggage....