The Week in Review

  • Sunday: First date. Walked our asses off. Dinner in Chinatown. Thus begun the birthday week.
  • Monday: Actually… nothing of note really happened today. Which is kinda good for a Monday in world.
  • Tuesday: Bowling season started, Everett and I are off to some butt kicking scores which we hope we can maintain!
  • Wednesday: Go Brian, it’s yer birthday… 4 cosmos at Fab Lounge, meat party at Fogo de Chao, many friends, many laughs, much fun.
  • Thursday: Second date. 4 cosmos at Halo, stumblin’ towards the Green Line and home.
  • Friday: 4 cosmos at Fab Lounge (are you keeping count, ‘cos I don’t remember so good…), taking Dupont by storm with Michael and Mikey, seriously good slices at Alberto’s and watching pieces of my past go by on parade at Omega.
  • Saturday: And on the 7th Day, I rested. Tidied up around the house. 3rd date. Dinner in Cleveland Park and drinks in Dupont at Fab Lounge (1 cosmo, 1 apeach panther, 1 red death and 1 long island iced tea), more stumblin’ towards the Green Line and home, grinnin’ like a fool.

9/17/06 18:44And finally today, not-so-great brunch at Tonic. Finally hit level 40 with my character in City of Heroes. 4th date. Went to the zoo to get a glimpse at Fiesta Musical. I took tons of photos and we had a great time. We thought about going to see The Awakening and even with text’d directions from Moose we still didn’t end up going there, putting it off for another day. We did wander through the Smithsonian castle and then called it a day. Being too lazy to cook, I went with a delivered pizza from Alberto’s. The woman on the phone did advise that I’m at the very edge of their delivery area, but they still brought it well before her estimate and it is YUMMY.

I feel like it’s been a long, but great week. Maybe an early bedtime tonight after my FOX shows…

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