All Hallow’s Blues

Happy Halloween everyone. I thought I’d gotten to the point where this was just another day, socially speaking. Religiously is another matter. But I find myself a little down for some reason. I guess in the past, Halloween and the weekend nearest has been a time to hang out with friends, party a little whether that means going out to clubs in costume or not, or staying in for a party. This year just kinda passed without incident. As we get older, I guess we tend to see weeknight Halloweens as a party holiday with an inconvenient date, we’ll get our groove on that weekend, but often the actual night is spent at home giving out candy (or not) and focusing more on our usual “school night” routine. I saw a few costumes on the commute in, nothing spectacular, and some of the feds are dressed up but the holiday seems without its usual fanare somehow. I bought my annual bag of candy corn, which may well be empty by tomorrow morning, but I’ve no plans tonight, maybe just sitting in and cleaning or watching tv. We don’t get trick or treaters in our apartment building which is just as well since I don’t have anything to give them.

Some links to further my mood: a look at current reviews of literary classics on, and a further look at New York’s fight for consumer dining health, attempting to ban trans-fats and requiring establishments to provide more detailed nutritional information.

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  1. Jefferson says:

    You could go and see SEXE at the Source Theatre at 10. Put on by the Actors Theatre of Wash DC.

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