ads: what would YOU do?

Ah, a square of vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate. I doubt anyone of my generation doesn’t recall those ads with “man on the street” style interviews, in what seemed like New York City, asking people what kind of crazy thing they’d do for a Klondike bar. Sadly, I’ve always had teeth that are somewhat sensitive to cold, so the thought of biting into anything frozen sends my senses reeling. Still, the Klondike bar does bring together two great american loved sweet-stuff items, so I suppose the commercial-portrayed insanity was understandable.

This new ad, however, clearly takes it to the next level. I spotted this aired on Adult Swim right after the episode of The Venture Brothers that will always be popular with Kyle because of Dr. O’s bathroom admission.*

[flv:klondike.flv 500 374]

It’s pretty subtle if you aren’t really paying attention. If you are paying attention, however, OW!** Kinda puts The 40-Year-Old Virgin to shame.

* The original purpose of this entry was going to be to post that video snippet, but the Klondike ad won out for obvious reasons.

** And as someone that prefers his guys au naturel, my second thought was WHY?!

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  1. Esprix says:

    Is it bad I read Hank/Dean slash? 🙂

    latest entry: My fabulous weekend so far

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