Too much of a good thing

From the San Fran Chronicle, Social sites becoming too much of a good thing:

“It’s getting pretty old,” Caro said. “It makes no sense to have a million of those pages. I have one.”

Caro kept an online cat diary for six months and hooked up her cats with about 50 friends each. “At that point, I thought, ‘Who cares?’ ” she said. “Who cares if my cats have friends?”

The webcam sites aren't enough?This morning I got a myspace event invitation from [the fanpage of] Jason Mraz to a free Jazon Mraz cd for his myspace friends. The sign-up link goes to a very familiar looking page, sign up, participate in qualifying offers and get your prize! And sure it’s my fault for adding artists to my myspace “friends” but it was a good way to keep up with news releases and tour announcements. But if the maintainer is just going to try to make a fast buck and wrap it up in fandom, that just sucks. I can deal with the friend-add spam from people advertising gay and straight porn sites, but I’m sure a major-label music artists’ PR people wouldn’t want someone spamming in their name.

I’m trying to do better with the job thing, but some processes around here are just so assinine they make you wonder if you’re supposed to get anything done at all. And the drama, always with the drama. I feel so drained when I leave here some days that it’s no wonder all I want to do is play CoH for a few hours and then pass out. It seems like there’s a lot of change going on which is natural this time of year, but it isn’t directly in my own life, just in things that touch on it. And it’s when someone taps on the glass that you start to see things that may have always been there, just out of notice until the world shifts a few degrees and then they’re plain as day.

I think I’ll make cupcakes this weekend.

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