Well, it’s no 2005…

The last time I was alone for Thanksgiving, I was living on my own in Alexandria. I had very little money, nearly no vacation time from work and catsitting duties down the road. I made cookies that morning, watched a bit of the parade, Father Larry came over for a visit before seeing his family, and later in the day an ex, Edwin, called me up to join him for dinner at the Old Country Buffet. I recall looking back on that as a pretty mediocre day, but it seems that it will still rank higher than today. Though very little could compare to last year, but I think I was somewhat hopeful to recapture that feeling. A few things this year have taught me that it’s better to move on and create new experiences, but holiday traditions seem pretty hard-wired into me, one wants things to feel the same because I look forward more to the familiar for some things, and the unexplored for others.

I didn’t really plan on being on my own today, but you have to play the cards you’re dealt. Thankfully the nearby liquor store’s open until 6 and I’m sure I can find something to make for dinner. I guess this year it counts as just another day off.

It’s not all bad though, at least I get to see a TomKat wedding video.

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