Happy Will Smith movie weekend!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

It’s been a good day, headed out to visit James in Clarendon to hit the IHOP as there wasn’t anything else happening today and I woke up with a craving for pancakes. I think I was having them in my dream…

I almost regretted heading out there, because there were tourists everywhere. Not just loud and rude ones, but scared ones. You know, giving you that look like you’re going to mug them and then leave them someplace in their underwear just to be cruel. It was a quick enough trip out there though, once we got past all the busy stations. After breakfast, we walked around a bit then headed over to his place where he got me watching Torchwood again, so I might try to get through a few more of the season this evening. There were plans for a possible picnic tomorrow, but the weather is really looking ornery, so that might be passed on, which means I got a bunch of ingredients for picnic food that I don’t have anything to do with! Oh well. 🙂

I hope everyone’s having a fun and safe holiday.

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