and the skeletons of Quinto call me home…

Ok it’s dead here in the office today, really really really dead. There’s just three of the team in and we’ve been rarely troubled with any actual work. It’s good to have a day to catch up and/or slack off, whichever you like.

I did buy one thing today, but my big purchase was a few days ago. I bought a new digital camera which should be arriving next week sometime, I still saved a ton of money on the purchase so I don’t feel too bad about it. My current camera is still functional, but it’s old, a little bigger than the new models and hell, I was in a mood and felt like shopping, so there. I’ll finally be able to do my own test of whether more megapixels equals better quality.

As yesterday’s thanksgiving was a very quiet one (that’d be the politically correct way to state things), I decided I’ll do a little feast for myself this evening. I’m planning on chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, couscous and either collard greens (if I can find some) or something else green and yummy. I need to pull out my books and see if I can find my sweet potato pie recipe, and then try to figure out how to roll out a pie crust with limited kitchen counter space. I’ve been too long away from baking and cooking, mostly because I haven’t anyone else to eat it, but perhaps I’ll just have to deal with having tons of gourmet leftovers around the house — poor me.

Now I have to start thinking about heading home for giftmas and shopping for friends and family. And my increase kicked in today, yay!

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