Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see

Wii Sports for iPhone

Remember to take everything with a grain of salt today, especially any e-mails and websites. The above image is from ThinkGeek which always has a plethora of amazing products available for sale on April 1st and in past years they’ve always gotten me. However they also have a reputation for goofing us with products that someone eventually goes on to develop. The 5¼” cassette deck took off better than anyone might have expected and the 8-bit tie is pretty popular too. Aside from Custom Time, I haven’t looked at the rest of Google’s hoaxes just yet, but bless the internet nerds for finding them all and putting them in an easy place from which to browse.

I usually stay out of the shenanigans at the office, but I got pranked this morning by a security guard on my way in. I had my headphones on and she was saying “Mr. Gray, Mr. Gray, did you drop something?” I turned off the music and said, “Huh?” She pointed down and said, “Did you drop that $20 bill?” As soon as I looked down (even though I know I don’t have a lick of cash on me) she shouted, “April Fools!” So I decided to share the love in the office with a very minor but potentially devastating prank. I emptied the communal candy drawer and left an I.O.U. behind. I made sure that two people were aware of it so that I didn’t have a sugar-seeking mob coming after me. Since so little is usually done for today, I hope some people will get the joke and others might be fooled. I realize that by messing with people’s chocolate, I’m asking for trouble, but there’s no reward without a bit of risk!

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2 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    I have an 8-bit tie.

  2. Brian says:

    *hee hee, I remember when you got that.

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