holiday: so here it is…

I’m just off the phone with mom and dad, been getting lovely online and SMS holiday greetings from friends, mixed up a pitcher of holiday cheer and have been settling in for some nice televised marathons on various networks. As much as I miss seeing my family, I don’t miss the hassle of travel, the airport and most especially being in South Carolina–which isn’t my home–stuck away from most all my gadgets! I no longer gorge myself on the holiday meal and there’s rarely anything good on TV that we all like.* Eventually we give in and play the annual Scrabble game, often suggested by my brother, and we all get our butts kicked by mom–who never really wanted to play in the first place. 🙄

Ok, so my "Christmas Area" isn't quite so bare. All things considered, it's pretty nice. :-)

I haven’t done so bad on my own, though. I’ve wanted a Charlie Brown replica tree for a while now and I ended up with enough cards and little gifts to decorate the top of my new mini-bar. It’s a far cry from the loot I used to rack up in the days of my youth, but this past year has probably taught us all the virtues of learning to appreciate things without a grand material gesture.**

So as the daylight is starting to fade, I’m settling in with some more television or possibly video games, and beginning the patient wait for a more recent holiday tradition: The Doctor Who Christmas Special…

[flv:who_xmas.flv 500 278]

It’s a bit sad since this is likely David Tennant’s last time doing a station promo as The Doctor. It’s also sad since I don’t get BBC America HD! The good news, however, is that they aren’t making us wait weeks to see the new episodes. Instead “The End of Time” is airing tomorrow night on BBC America… which means that my friends in the UK only have 24 hours to spoil it for me.***

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful day off whether you spent it with friends, family or on your own–however you like. Just one more week to go and we can bid 2009 a fond farewell! :mrgreen: Merry Christmas!

* I keep having to find a room to myself to watch 24 hours of “A Christmas Story”. Tragedy!

** That said, I’m still open to getting gifts… really!

*** Unless my magic antenna delivers it sooner.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    This is the only time of year when I regret that we don’t have cable. So you can enjoy flaunting getting to see all the final Tennant-as-the-10th-Doctor-specials at my expense for several months.

    BUT: I am very excited that this will be online for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful day.!

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