Letterbox robbery!

Bank of America - Keep the Change

  • Metro fare to Gallery Place: $1.35
  • Bottled water and candy for two at CVS: $4.00
  • Movie tickets for two to see Dreamgirls: $20.00

If this is the MPAA’s and retail theater industry’s response to piracy, I don’t understand how they think anyone’s going to stop buying bootleg DVDs from the guys on the corner and wandering through metro trains. I don’t think I’m showing my age here, but anyone remember a time when all shows before 6pm were considered matinees, even on weekends?

That said, I really enjoyed the movie. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about seeing it on screen when I’d seen the stage version as a kid. The one line, “You can’t see her on a record!” wasn’t delivered with quite the same sass as onstage, but overall it was a good film. Beyonce emulates Diana Deena so well, it’s scary at times. Naturally the music from the film is running a constant loop in my head, supported by the soundtrack on my iPod, so that’ll take a week or two to work itself out of my system, methinks.

Torre & Tagus - Cue Ball Flip CalendarJ and I visited the National Building Museum before the movie on Saturday and it’s always fun to go there just to see the huge event hall with the pillars reaching up nearly to the roof. I took tons of pictures, as usual, which aren’t online since RCN is having some kind of internet outage which has killed just about everything but my weather widgets. And I ventured into the most dangerous place for me, their store. I did pick up a little calendar for myself and some stationery to drop letters out to people that gave me their addresses.

J laughed at me when I made the ob(li)vious statement, “Letters are so much more tangible than e-mail.” but getting mail that’s not bills, junk, political, charity, catalog, etc. is just nice. A while back when I was living on my own in Alexandria, I told Lindsay (I think) that getting things in the mail is a way of being reminded that you exist. Now I think that getting real mail helps remind you that you’re alive and that others know it as well. A lot of the mail I get these days is just for a body at an address, the combination of which was plucked out of a database and sold to various companies that stuck it another database. These items of mail are so unimportant that when they arrive for other people or when they come for me at a previous address, the only entity that might care is the Post Office and that’s so they can update their database. It’s so much more fun when my birthday or the winter holidays roll around because I’ll get those envelopes with handwritten addresses on them and just that much is a thrill, let alone reading what’s on the inside. But I’m going to get back into writing letters or at least try to until my hand gives out.

Otherwise I picked up 3 Rhone wines this weekend, one fave and two new ones. I’m not that big a fan of one of the new ones, La Font du Vent. It was a little too light, not quite juicy though and without the depth I’m used to. I need to plan a tasting party sometime soon.

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