This is always on my to-do list.

First off no context needed, but remember when junk only had two meanings?

So the Academy Awards have come and gone and I find that I’ve actually seen nominated movies this time around. By that I mean anything nominated for Best Picture, Supporting and Leading Actor/Actress. I’ve seen Last King of Scotland, Dreamgirls, The Queen, The Devil Wears Prada and just recently Notes on a Scandal, but there are still quite a few that I haven’t caught yet. Are any of them overwhelmingly worth it?

I’ll be happy to fire up the Netflix engines though I know I’ll be looking at Long Wait if not Very Long Wait. Not that there aren’t other methods to see them. I just don’t know if I can handle the moviegoing experience anymore. I’m kinda over the prices, it’s going up and there’s little I can do about that, but when J and I saw “Notes” we showed up to the theater early, pressed through a crowd to buy tickets and got into our seats in plenty of time. I suffered through the commercials, the trailers were interesting but nothing I hadn’t already seen on television and the internet and the theater was full but not packed… until about 5 minutes or so before the lights went completely down and people were trailing in trying to find seats (many of them didn’t have snacks, so that wasn’t it). J and I had to scootch down a seat, not because we were asked but because a woman was staring at me as if she no longer even needed the basic courtesy to say “Would you mind moving down a seat, please?”

Times like that you really want to go off on these people and make a scene, but you remember that you’re supposed to be there to have a good time regardless of the ignorant assholes that couldn’t be bothered to show up on time to a theater that is already known to have small screening rooms. It made me miss the days of theater ushers, attendants with the little flashlights with cones on that would discreetly pan across the rows and find seats for people. They were polite and cordial even though it was still an hourly wage gig, and their word was final. You could ask if they might find you a pair of seats but when it came down to it, if they pointed out two separate singles, that’s where you sat, and none of that sitting down in the aisles crap — fire hazard, bitches.

It’s all about entitlement, but different levels. You’re entitled to a seat just like every other paying customer, but you ain’t necessarily entitled to the seat you want unless you can show up early, jackass. And I know, shit happens, I’ve been late for a movie before with a group of people. We sucked it up, found single seats or sat in the very front in the neck-craners, said our excuse me’s and watched the film. Forget do unto… in those moments one should think “Inconvenience others only as much as I’d like to be inconvenienced.”

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