Disbelief not suspended!

For some reason I was thinking about the movie The Devil Wears Prada and the scenes where it was noted how long it was taking for Andy to bring Miranda’s coffee and it still doesn’t mesh in my head. I can understand unreasonable demands across the board, but they’re in New York and she was going to Starbucks, how can there possibly be one so far from the office … in New York?

Devil Wears Prada - Starbucks

Perhaps it’s simply me missing having a Starbucks nearby and unable to have my daily latté that’s got me thinking this way, but being unable to get to a ‘bucks and back quickly just didn’t wash.

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  1. Chris says:

    Considering how much they all made, they could have just had gourmet coffee delivered, couldn’t they? You can get anything delivered in New York … or so I’m told.

    For the record, four blocks. They’re putting one in the student union across the street. That’s going to be sooo dangerous when it’s open…

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