No in fact, we don’t all know each other…

Suze Orman's what?!Suze Orman Shocks World, Is Lesbian — ok maybe it’s not so shocking, but I had no idea. However I didn’t really care either, call me when Anderson Cooper goes for the big reveal. Seriously, to Suze Orman was a preachy financial “guru” whose shows would always appear around PBS pledge time, throwing off the scheduling of my usual weekend Britcoms. Her show looked like all their other shows: one person on stage with a bunch of people and talking for an hour or so. It could just as easily have been stand-up comedy, except it was PBS, the only funny stuff they show is at least 20 years old and well, British.

Speaking of stand-up, I skipped the Oscars last night and watched Mo’Nique: I Coulda Been Your Cellmate followed by Sarah Silverman’s Jesus is Magic. I tried to hit to see the winners, but they didn’t want to update the site quickly (or at all) so I caught Jennifer Hudson’s acceptance and then went to bed. I’m sure there will be plenty of places online where I can see the musical performances and I haven’t even gone to the “big news” sites to see the winners list yet.

The snow was very pretty yesterday, I got out and about in it for a little while. It wasn’t like the previous snowfall, this one was big chunky flakes that covered everything. It was a quick transition, when I got up it was kinda rainy/sleety and within 30 mins it became snow. I figured it would stop soon enough, but no it just kept going and it was fun to watch. I don’t know that people needed Unscheduled Leave today considering when I came in, my co-worker that lives in Annapolis made it in, but we’ll see how quiet it is (or not) around the office as the morning progresses.

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