My life is a sitcom

So last night Ev and I were going to Halo to drink and catch up and maybe bitch a little about this and that. I got there early, and I’m at the bar enjoying my drink and trying to tell a patron how to get to a Target via the metro.

I’m down to my last sip or two and I turn to look at the door since Ev is usually early and who should be standing right there but Jason. *cue the laugh track or oooh-track or whatever* So I have to sit there making very polite small talk praying that he’ll get the hint and drink at another spot or I dunno, leave, but no, his overcoat’s off, his bag’s on the floor. Ev showed up shortly and we made the best of it, but come on. I’m not saying Halo is my bar or anything, but the very next night after we break up? Give me a fucking break.

Apparently Ev had some words with him when I went to the restroom, I can’t recall what they were exactly, but perhaps he’ll comment with the conversation they had as it’s definitely a good example of when friends got yer back.

We hit Whole Foods so I could get the ingredients needed for my Spring Chicken tonight and then he was kind enough to drop me off near Omega so I could meet up with Moose and some others. I believe I gave my e-mail address to some guy named Daniel, but my fine motor control was shot to hell, so if he can read it today I’d be shocked — assuming I didn’t come off as a total drunken boor. Not that I expect he’d want to use it, but it felt good anyway.

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  1. Danno says:

    Nice move – anyone with the name Daniel is a wise choice…. 🙂

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