only in DC: back from the game

Having another fun “in DC” moment. Kyle and I were on our way back from Paul & Al’s place after having some laughs, drinks and a movie. Both the DC United and Washington Nationals games were letting out so metro trains were all manner of messed up and on odd schedules. A Green Line train to Mt. Vernon Square? What the hell, man?! Not just one, but 3 of them!? Oh, hell no.

I was busy semi-ogling a dumb-cute looking blonde when I noticed a girl near us had a stack of at least 10 Nats tumblers, lids, straws and all. Gin causes one to either fight or make friends and for me it’s the latter and the three of us struck up conversation on the way home discussing Five Guys vs Jumbo Slice and why Alberto’s isn’t Jumbo Slice and who’s cat was crazier, hers or Kyle’s.

Good times, and a nice way to cap off an evening in which I was prepared to be very frustrated with metro nonsense. Paul & Al’s place is lovely, I’m totally jealous, but the universe needs to move Capitol Hill closer to Mount Pleasant. When the least amount of time to get there is 30 minutes, that’ll be messy on busy metro days. Still, movies at their place beat going to the theater any day.

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4 Responses

  1. Psychic Advice says:

    Too bad [I didn’t] come across this blog before. Great stuff you got here. Thanks.

  2. brian says:

    @Psychic Advice: If you’re offering psychic advice, shouldn’t you have known about it sooner? Sad little spammer that can’t even spell. 😈

  3. kyle says:

    Manuel isn’t crazy, he’s creative! As for ogling guys, I had difficulty keeping my eyes in my head over one of the latinos on the train. When did fit straight latin men learn to wear tight t’s and hip huggers? If the baggy crap goes out of style for the straight boys, I’m in trouble…

  4. brian says:

    @kyle: I thought the tight look was always kinda in for the Latin men. Maybe you need to hang out in the lobby of your building more often! Or… maybe not. 😉

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