Mmmmm, sushi.

No more than a year ago I might have said that, but it would have been extremely sarcastic. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sushi, I had no idea whether I liked it or not. I’d just never been properly exposed to it. Before dating Christopher, I hadn’t even been at the same table with it!

What a reversal now. At the beach we had veggie sushi which was good, but safe sushi. On an early date with Jason we went to Spices in Cleveland Park and I had more difficulty with the chopsticks than with the sushi – it was delicious! I am still no better with chopsticks, but I’m slowly trying out more dishes.

Last night Moose and I met up at Uni for dinner. It was my first time going to an actual sushi restaurant, of course they have other dishes, but unlike my other experiences the sushi was the main focus. It was delicious, of course – my first time having nigiri, which I think is much more visually daunting than maki, since with maki you can kinda pretend it’s just rice and some cut up things, but with nigiri that slab is right on top! So good though, and filling. I have no idea if sushi is a “light” food but I usually can’t eat too many before I feel totally stuffed.

Since the weather was nice, I decided to walk down from my place and after charting the path it looks like I did 1.7 miles which is about .7 more than I’ve been trying to get enough motivation to do after work every day. I love that Google Maps/Pedometer mashup site. It says I burned 257 cals on the walk, I dunno about all that, but I did manage to make it there in pretty good time. Time to chart another walk, methinks.

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