New digs, old digs

3/30/07 06:43 It hasn’t been a terribly busy weekend which suits me kinda fine. I was hoping to get out and about today with Mike and Mikey, but the weather was really crappy so we took a pass. It is nice to be able to mutually cancel plans with someone without any kind of drama.

I took off work a little early on Friday and headed shopping. As I texted Moose, shopping is my therapy – and I got a Amen to that. I dropped a little more money than I expected to, but hey what’s it there for? I picked up the proper video card for my new PC (thanks Raine), a new cutting board with a channel for liquids as I can’t seem to figure out what happened to my old one – I may have tossed it out in a fit of cleaning frenzy, and some shoes. I’d never been to DSW before, I didn’t even know they sold men’s shoes but they had some good items on the clearance rack that I couldn’t pass up.

I got home and installed the video card (which worked!) and somehow all my computer woes magically vanished and everything is just spiffy. I don’t know what fairy dust I sprinkled over it, but I ain’t complaining. I was able to play City of Heroes after a little tweaking and updating and it was nice. As much as I’m ready for a new video game, CoH isn’t dull, it’s just familiar. I still want something in the fantasy genre, whether that’s MMO or not. I do like Jade Empire though, so I need to get that installed on the new machine. I also still want a Wii but it seems impossible to find one. And living in the city I’m not surrounded with computer/gaming stores, nor do I have a car to go from store to store and look for one.

Saturday was very much a lazy day. I got up early and went for a walk for coffee and to hit the ATM. I feel one should always have a bit of cash on them when there are as many street vendors around as are near me. Plus, you never know when someone will call up and want to head out and you’ll need money for a cab on short notice. The weather was sunny-chilly, so I sweat while walking but standing still felt like I needed my coat. I stopped past the little farmers market and picked up tangelos and bananas then settled in at home for a little gaming, a little cleaning, it was all good.

I was in the middle of chatting with Dan and Gregory when this guy that I’ve been chatting with for a few days asked if I wanted to hang out and get dinner (see, good thing I got cash!). So we went for pizza down the block, he’s a nice guy and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. It was kind of funny… over dinner I was talking up Mt. Pleasant a lot and how much I love the area and hope that I’ll be able to stay here a while longer. In the back of my mind I remembered that it’s not too long before my lease comes up for renewal and wouldn’t you know when I checked the mail after getting back home I found my renewal offer. At only $20 more a month! OMG YAY! I still have a lot of cleaning and sentimental ties to my stuff to cut, but it’s nice to know that there’s no rush. And it gives me time to sort out my finances so that when I do have to move, buying might not be out of the question.

Today has been a geek day. I updated the look of my blog and added a few more apps to the Vista machine. Now that I know I won’t need to take it in for repair, I’m finally making it feel welcome. I did a little culling of the iTunes library, moved a few things around, archived some stuff. I’ve been showing the computers some love this weekend.

I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow at the office, but I’m going to roll with it and see what happens. At least I’ve got Dr. Who waiting on me when I get off tomorrow and if necessary I’ll swing by Halo for a stiff one between work and home.

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