Left to my own devices

Well no New York this weekend, but not due to any drama. We’re just postponing it until he has a weekend where he can actually spend time with me instead of having to do it in between snippets of work. That works for me since I’m not really all that good doing vacations on my own and I’ve never been to NYC so unleashing me upon the city unsupervised is probably a bad idea.

However that means I’ve got no weekend plans, boo! I didn’t even think that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and I have no plans in mind for it. It’d be a perfect day to go for a margarita brunch with friends, but I think I’ve thrown the idea out there so many times and gotten back no response (this is on LJ however which I’m firmly convinced most people only pay about 1% attention to other posts just looking to see if their name is mentioned) that I’m not sure if I’ll bother again. I love doing stuff, and I love when people do stuff with me, but when you have to do all the work it becomes nothing more than a pain in the ass. I mean surely other people read the paper and dcist and such and think “Hey there’s this really neat thing happening in town, I wonder if anyone else would like to go with me!” — so why don’t I hear from those people asking me if I want to hang out?

Times like this I almost miss the glbt sci fi club, almost. Like most geek social groups, you always had someone to hang out with because it’s easily assumed that you’re not doing anything, but the geek social fallacies are so true and they tend to drive someone that’s less socially inept stark raving bonkers. I think my favorite worst moment was when I was told I wasn’t being patient and accepting enough of my borderline-alcoholic, supposedly-depressed, professed-suicidal, layabout roommate. I know I’ve talked to friends about it before. Some geeks grow up to become geeky adults, others grow up to become adult geeks. And for most of us, being a geek as a kid meant that you were on the fringes, a bit weird/special/unique and you liked it that way. However grow up and find a group of other geeks, all wanting to be the special one and it’s a nightmare. It was a hard choice to leave it behind, knowing that I’d always get the slight eyeroll from non-geeks when I mention some strange fandom obsession, or realizing that I’d have to explain why I liked a certain series or comic book instead of it being acceptable to just like it. But I still have a good amount of geeky adults in my life and I’m comfortable with that.

Still, there’s some really interesting stuff going down at the local museums and venues lately, I’m just tired of going it alone.

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  1. Esprix says:

    The Q-man and some friends may be up that way and heading out tomorrow night. Should I call you if we do?

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