I need a do-over for today.

Somehow I managed to wrench or pull or pinch something in my shoulder when waking up a little violently out of a dream to smack the alarm clock for 9 more minutes. For a while it hurt so bad I thought I would be better off staying home and in bed, but lying still for a minute or two seemed to alleviate that. Still hurts tho.

Heading into the metro station I tried to switch items and hands, juggling my iPod, umbrella and Express paper and dropped the umbrella down the escalator. As I reached down for it, it started to slide and I couldn’t catch it within a few steps. Thankfully there was just one person on ahead of me and I yelled “Look out!” and by the time she took notice, my brolley had settled itself right between her legs.

On the train someone was nice enough to slide out to offer me the inside seat near the door. Unfortunately they did this just as the train was moving and I’d given up all pole and umbrella support, so I nearly busted my ass on the train just trying to sit down!

I managed to make it into the office without killing myself (so far), I’ve been giggling about the metro mishaps all the way here, and I took the most recent IQ test meme floating around LJ…

IQ Test Score

Yeah, sure, a genius with no balance, no moderate to fine motor control, and no regard for his own health and safety. Maybe I’ll risk (or ensure) certain death by playing a little StepMania when I get home tonight.

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2 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe this will help you feel better?


    Well, that and I only managed to score 127 on that d*#&@ed IQ test. Meh.

  2. Brian says:

    Well I tend to test VERY well, but the test itself is pretty messed up, some of the questions are flawed. So many IQ tests online use the same age-old questions and answers that most of the time I’m just remembering instead of thinking.

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