This isn’t how I wanted him freed

The Awakening, at Hains PointThey’re going to dig up The Awakening and move it to Maryland? What the hell?

Grand Vision for National Harbor Takes Form (Moving ‘The Awakening’ Sculpture Is Just the Start for $2 Billion Venture)

…the outdoor sculpture “The Awakening” will be dug up from Hains Point, its home for the past 27 years, then barged and trucked to an undisclosed location where it will be cleaned and restored.

Then, the 70-foot work, which depicts a giant struggling to emerge from the earth, will be planted in a new sandy beach on the other side of the Potomac River.

Just like Max over at Metroblogging DC, this makes me kinda sad that DC is losing one of our landmarks. It’s already a bit hard to find for the novice tourist and only sort of convenient to get to now, but it’s ours. News like this and the recently proposed “solutions” for DC getting a vote, it makes one feel like more and more like we’re just here at the whim of the people and the almighty dollar. Like if it were profitable enough we’d be made to change our name to Starbucks, District of Coffee.

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  1. Chris says:

    The good news is that it will be easier to spot Dick Cheney from the air, assuming that ‘The Awakening’ gets moved to the same undisclosed location for cleaning.

    That sucks, tho. When I lived in DC I always kind of liked going down there — it was so hard to find that it was like being in your own private fantasy world.

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