What a waste!

I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m throwing out stuff as quickly as it comes in, for the most part. So it really cheeses me off when I order cologne, from a company that deals in fragrances and beauty supplies and it arrives in this huge-ass box. I dig through layers and layers of crumpled up paper to find the two small cologne boxes at the bottom, along with my receipt and some ad brochures. I guess I would think that a company dealing in sending out small items — even the most creative packaging for a 3.4 fl oz bottle doesn’t get that big unless you’re buying Gaultier — would have small boxes! I’ve got a cardboard graveyard in my front foyer that gets carted out every week.

I’m sure it’s just Earth Day that’s got me all green-minded. method products sent out their Earth Day mailing with the following: earth day is April 22nd. go naked and celebrate in a way that would make mother nature proud. — and I did, on both counts.

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