wednesday wishes: Me wantee!

My plan to try and write everyday this week* was nearly derailed by some kind of crud lurking in my system. At this point I’m convinced that the few molecules of pollen I’ve allowed near me while not yet protected by allergy medicine have somehow bonded into an organism that is now lurking in my stomach and trying to make its way up to my lungs to gain access to the carbon dioxide therein… or something. I get a little crazy when I don’t feel well.

Thank goodness for Pop Chart Lab and their elegant methods of satisfying my geeky desires. Because nothing makes you feel better than shopping, am-I-rite? Head to their site to see the full poster, it’s impressive even though they ask if they left anyone out.**

I love the retro comic book cover mixed with retro high school science text feel to it, and their categories break it down fairly well:

  • Powers of the Body
  • Animal Powers
  • Force Control
  • Mastery
  • Weapons-Based
  • Powers of the Mind
  • Object Manipulation

And I’m willing to bet that there’s a Marvel mutant that falls into every single category and sub-category, even after Decimation.

Over on my food blog, I mentioned their similarly well-researched poster of kitchen tools, and their other offerings do not disappoint.

There will be a limited run of 500 posters printed and if you pre-order*** by this Friday, April 15 you get it for $20.00 (20% off the normal price of $25.00). I just placed my order and I’m feeling better already! I hope everyone’s hump day is going well and mostly that you’re doing better than I am, health-wise. Now it’s lunchtime, so fire up those web browsers and do some shopping to help bolster the economy! :mrgreen:

* I’m talking weekdays here, ‘cos even I gotta get down for the WEEK-end, WEEK-end…

** I may be a geek, but I don’t have that kind of time.†

*** Posters ship out Monday, April 18.

† Though for a $10 gift card, I might consider it once it’s on my wall.

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