Maliciously Moodily Malfunctioning Monday Madness

I want a do-over, let’s go back to say Sunday around 1:30 or so. I was in the middle of a lovely, well-earned nap then and life was good. 6/9/07 17:19

I think champagne and other bubblies must be a good thing for me, as they seem to make me wake up early with no ill effects and it’s like an awake waking up, not fumbling for the snooze button. I went with french cuff and puzzle piece cuff links today, managed to stop sweating before I left the house. Had new Rihanna and Imogen Heap to listen to… things were going pretty well.

I got into the office, shrugged off my usual feeling of “here we go again” and was trying to get into my day. About an hour or so after I started my day, I got an e-mail from a team member. It was her resignation letter… I guess. I say that because she’s making her last day tomorrow. No 2 weeks, not even 1 week, tomorrow. And she doesn’t seem to be coming in today, which means that we’ll have a single day (assuming she even comes in tomorrow) to transfer all of her knowledge to paper or someone else, and to notify her clients. Fantastic!

That’s 4 people to leave in the past few months. Kris just told me that he is to companies, what the Silver Surfer is to consumable planets. I wish he would have warned me ahead of time so I could have gotten to gettin’ goin’ while the gettin’ was goin’ good. There are other things that I really shouldn’t get into here, but suffice to say that stress levels are rising.

Anyone want to go for happy hour… sushi.. both? I feel the need for some serious mind-numb’ery.

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  1. Chris says:

    Nice with the alliteration …

    Yeah, Mondays suck generally, this one in particular. The planets are out of alignment or something, and they need to get their groove back stat!

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