Oops! Check, please?

Well I now can’t go back to 1409 Playbill Café for about a month or so now…

Justin was about 20 t-cells short and will have to undergo chemo for a week now, so understandably he was feeling pretty low. Strange as it may seem, he reminds me that whatever I’m going through, it’s not as bad as it could be. I decided he needed some cheering up, so I told him to get his ass down to DC and I’d take him for dinner and some drinks. On our sushi night, he told me about his money issues, and it was the mortgage that’s a huge factor. It scared the hell out of me, and I accept that very often, he has no money. Or in his words, he’s a broke-ass mf.

We hit Merkado for some cocktails and appetizers. For the first time I had a sip of a sapphire gin martini — whoa! I mean it’s delicious, and definitely gotta be shaken, not stirred. Ev… Beefeater won’t cut it for me, I’ll bring my own bottle of Bombay to parties. (love you!)

After Merkado we wandered to 1409 Playbill Café and I ordered my own sapphire martini with a twist and I feel like I may be feeling it until at least bedtime. I won’t deny that I care about him, even with all the issues present. I told him that if he needed someone to stay with him during his week of chemo, I’d do it. I know from talking to Jonathan that while no one can go through it for you, having someone there to talk to, hang out or chat with is a pretty big deal. I’m chatting with Jack now and it hit me that I hope he really thinks hard about whether he’ll tell me yes or no. I mean from what he’s told me, I’m going to be seeing him at his worst and I can’t be nice about it. I have to make sure he takes his meds, eats well, all that. I’ve never done that before, the most I’ve done for a friend is visit Ev after eye surgery and even then I let him drive (and that’s a story, lemme tell ya). I guess it scares me a little bit too, but I still care about him, stupid me.

So we leave and as we’re in his SUV on the way back to my place, I realize that we didn’t pay for our martinis! I remember seeing our bartender as we headed out, she was outside smoking. But it never hit me that even though we said we were done, she never brought our check! I felt bad for a little while, but she really should have slapped a check down in front of us. So when I go back eventually I’ll have to tip really well.

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  1. shindo says:

    The bartender should have stopped you. Perhaps she won’t remember after a month, but an extra-good tip is good karma.

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