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This is why chat logs should probably never be seen by anyone else:

me: Is it wrong that I’m thinking of an iPhone in D&D magic terms, verbal, material, somatic components…?
ev: no, it’s not wrong, but it’s incredibly geeky.

calling card draft imageMy calling/business cards are on the way, I don’t really know what I’ll use them for, but it’s a nicer way to give someone my number than just calling their cell and hoping they save my name and number. I should also get my 1TB external drive soon, and I’m getting a free Senseo coffee pod machine with which I’m supposed to have a little party and share it with others. Assuming I could host anyone, I would do so. I still had to pay for shipping, but that’s still a huge savings over retail. Sometimes it’s fun to get freebies!

I’ve been avoiding the LOL craze for the most part, but seeing this last Saturday cracked me up: <lolcat align="right">

LOLCats align equals right

I was IM’ing with Chris earlier and our conversation gave me the following question to pose to the internet masses: What’s the most absurd thing you’ve ever been told or had suggested to you in the name and/or spirit of customer service?

We were talking about the iPhone, of course and coverage and roaming with Sprint and I told him about the time I called them up to demand free roaming because I couldn’t get a signal at my office (new construction) at my apartment (remotely located) or during my commute (metro). The woman on the phone said, “Have you ever thought of changing apartments or offices?” Then Chris told me of a very helpful nurse who told him when he went to the University med center for a supply of allergy pills before heading home, “Can’t your parents just board the dog while you’re home for the summer?”

I’ve been told some absolutely silly, rude, offensive, etc. things by customer service reps in my time, many of which have been shared here. But what’s your worst?

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3 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    The card is BEE-EWE-TEA-FULL. Tell me, who took that fabulous picture? 😉

  2. Chris says:

    You know, I had a completely different comment to make, but I think the above exchange made me loose my train of thought …

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