Life needs an “Un-Send” button

During one of our daily chats, I told Michael about the site Not Always Right with some hilarious anecdotes from employees dealing with some absolutely nutty customers who really push the boundaries of its namesake phrase. He responded with the site SEND, which has tales of mostly office e-mails and instant messages that ended up going to the wrong person or really should never have been sent.

I told him I’d have to share the following video with him. It’s another quick clip from man stroke woman, a sketch show which unlike so many others, actually could be ported over to a US network as the situations are very universal.

[flv:click_send.flv 480 264]

For this reason, I’m really glad we don’t have any form of intra-office messaging because generally there’s no such thing as “Reply to All” with IMs, thank goodness!

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  1. lacochran says:

    I’ve had too many “oops”es not to LMAO at this stuff. 😆 Great sites!

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